KM Hawaii Cruiser

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KM's Cruiser series of boards were created to provide a cross-over option for the paddler who enjoys both flat water and the occasional swell. Available in KM's beautiful and dynamic color schemes, the KM Cruiser boasts stunning aesthetics, and along with the Bamboo Cruiser makes for some true eye-candy in and out of the water. In the water, the Cruiser's double concave bottom maximizes surfing performance, and gives it a true longboard feel. To ensure you never forget that perfect wave or sunrise paddle, the Cruiser features flush FCS mount plug so you can mount your GoPro right on the nose and create your own memories.

  • Perfect for: Paddle Surfing and Recreation
  • Fin: 2 + 1 fin setup
  • Genuine Gortex®  two way self-venting valve
  • Equipped with a GoPro® mount
  • Cargo tie-down mounts
  • Diamond cut multi-color track pad with foot arch and kick on tail section
  • Ergo carry handle 

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