KM Hawaii Compressor HP

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The Compressor HP is KM's all carbon board for elite flat-water and surf-style racing.
Through four generations of hull evolution, the compressor has developed into an ultra-lean, water-slicing board capable of some serious speed.

This board is available in both 12'6 and 14' versions.  It is also available in an 11' length that is perfect for younger, up and coming racers.

On the business end of things, the Compressor HP sports an aggressive dropped point nose that minimizes your wake and pierces through chop and swells. Back at the tail, you'll experience a low-drag design capable of some serious control in the surf.  New for 2016, we designed a small rise on the tail that assists with confident and aggressive buoy turns by locking you in to your board. Our skinnier models have dual grab handles on the boards edges for lighting fast beach starts.  The largest widths on both the 12'6" and 14' Compressors HP have a single center handle.

If you are a competitive athlete or a paddler that likes to cover distance quickly, you owe it to yourself to try our Compressor HP.  Which ever width you choose, you are guaranteed to have one of the fastest race designed shapes on the market.

  • Perfect for: Racing and Touring
  • Fin: Single Fin Set-Up
  • Genuine Goretex® two way self-venting valve
  • Equipped with a GoPro® mount
  • Cargo tie-down mounts on the front
  • Diamond cut multi-color track pad with KM logo

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