KM Hawaii Aloha

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As we traveled the country we received many requests for a board that would maintain max water. The loss of time on the water due to damage was a big problem for enthusiastic first timers and many rental board companies. Enter Bollistech™!  The new KM Hawaii Aloha is designed to take a beating using Bollistech™ construction . The ballistic coating ensures max durability and ensures you get max water time.  When the board was first developed  it received some unorthodox testing, firstly we dropped it from a three story building, then ran over it with a truck. In both tests the Bollistech board maintained it integral ballistic shell.  Available for riders up to 240 lb , and based on our highly successful cruiser platform, we are sure you will enjoy riding our new Aloha model.

  • Perfect For: Recreational paddling  
  • Construction: Bollistech™
  • Features: Front Deck Plugs, EVA comfort pad, Extremely durable construction
  • Fin: 10”single fin
  • 11' long x 32" Wide
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Capacity: 240 pounds
  • Available colors: Grey/Blue and Yellow/Green
  • Speed: 2 of 5

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