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AO SUP Cooler

Here at SUP Outdoor we are big fans of SUP touring. Our ideal day consists of exploring several miles of a lake or a river, and staying out until the sun goes down. In order to spend the majority of the day on the water it is usually necessary to bring some type of food and drink along for the ride, so that our touring session is not interrupted by trips back to the car to get food or water.

AO SUP Cooler on the Odyssey Tour

Paddle boards tend to be lacking in the cargo carrying department, and while a SUP pack or cargo net do a good job of keeping gear on a board, they are not great for keeping food or water cold. That is why I was pretty excited to get a soft SUP Cooler from AO.  

The AO SUP Cooler was specifically designed for paddle boarders, and they did a great job ensuring that their product will work on most paddle boards. The walls of the cooler are really thick, and I was especially impressed with the quality of the zippers. AO states that these coolers will keep ice from totally becoming water for up to 24 hours in 120 degree weather. I have not had a chance to verify that claim, but it definitely kept my ice frozen for over five hours in 95 degree weather.

Paddle Board Ice Chest

One of the best features of the AO SUP cooler is the tie downs that easily connect to the paddle boards's deck plugs or cargo tie downs. If your board does not have deck plugs, you can use the suction cups that come with the cooler. Although I didn't need the suction cups, I attached them and turned the board upside down, and the cooler remained in place.

SUP ice chest tie downs

Another feature I appreciated about the AO SUP Cooler is the top pocket of the cooler. This pocket is separated from the interior by the insulated lid, so it is a great place to put keys, a wallet or whatever other personal items you would like to keep safe and dry.

keeping keys safe on a paddle board

All in all I was really impressed with this cooler, and I think it is definitely worth the $65 retail price. It will most likely be used on my next paddle board fishing trip to carry beer. AO states that the interior of this cooler is 15 by 9.5 by 9 Inches and can accommodate 15 cans, and I am pretty sure that will be enough.



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