SUP Outdoor Ambassador - Elise Debes

by Ronnie Ayres | December 19, 2016

Elise Debes Ambassador LXV outdoor Tahoe SUP Bliss selfie

Meet Elise! As an adventure advocate from Laguna beach California, paddling the coastal shores, surfing, daily wildlife encounters and leading local tours are just a few of her favorite hobbies. On sunny days in southern California you can find her painting in her studio, exploring the Pacific coast, or teaching yoga in her local community park.

Elise Debes Ambassador LXV outdoor Tahoe SUP Bliss walking down the beach at Laguna

“Nature has so much to teach us! Being a part of someone's first experience on the water, experiencing that raw connection, truly is the gift that keeps on giving. The ocean is full of surprises, such is life, why not turn here to discover and protect what it is we love, its our duty and right.”

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